Friday, June 14, 2013

Beau and Boo Wear Blue: the relativity of a woman's size

Jean jacket: thrift hand-me-down from a friend; Ring: Birks; Jeans and shirt: Reitman's; Hat: I don't know; Beau's hat: Jaxon; T-shirt: Old Navy; Jeans and dress-shirt: thrift
It was a dark and rainy day, and Beau and I had errands to run. It was not a dress up sort of a day. Each of us threw on an outfit quickly and without much care.

And lo! we matched. 

I found it so amusing, I had to take a photo, smudgy selfie though it was. Are we already turning into one of those old couples who look alike?

Later, when I looked at the photo, I was struck by how little I look next to Beau, or how big he looks next to me, depending on your perspective. I've been noticing this about style bloggers: they talk about accepting their "average" or "plus" size bodies -- and then they pose next to their partners and look tiny. By what crazy standards are we calling ourselves big?!? 

Holy lack of perspective!

Okay, it is possible that Beau dwarfs things, like our little car co-op cars, fetchingly complimenting our blue ensembles of the day.

But, really, I'm not so very big! 

In fact, Beau calls me Boo. That's his nickname for anyone "little and cuddly" and a bit roundy, like a cute cat or, well, me. "You're just little!" he says, with endless surprise, when he hugs me. "You're a little Boo."

I can't remember, but I think this started when he learned that I say "Kitty!" to my cat exactly as little Boo says it to Sully in the movie Monsters Inc.

Anyway, I like it. It makes me feel cute and sweet, something I haven't often let myself feel as I've wended my way through the world all alone. 

Brooch: vintage; Hair clip: Stylize
Did I say I put this outfit together without much care? Well true, but I took a little care. That's just how I roll.

I knew the denim went with the navy shirt, and I thought the dark day would be brightened by the blue and green vintage brooch. The way the weather changes here, I also knew the rain might stop and the sun come out, so I turned a hair clip into an adornment on my jacket. 

I was right. The sun did come out and the pavement steamed like a sauna. I was glad for the clip.

I wore the dove both because silver goes well with blue, and because I wear my dove on days when I'm feeling shaky and need a little bucking up. It's both a Jewish and a Christian image for divinity and hope, so it speaks to me. It's a little like a welcome visitation from the Holy Spirit, or whatever you want to call it.

Seriously, these cars are really little. I don't know how Beau folds himself into these things. The other day, an old lady bent over and peered inside at him, just to get a look at how anyone could even fit into such a car. She told him he looked cute in there. 

I agree, though he also looks tense. He hates driving, which, aside from environmental reasons, is why he doesn't own a car. I know better than to even get my license. I'd have a complete breakdown driving in the city, I'm sure.

The car is so little that, tired and grumpy after our errand (getting a back-friendly foam mattress for me and Beau to lounge on at his place), we thought Beau had forgotten to rebook our car and someone had driven off in it. You see, it was so tiny that we couldn't see it hiding between two normal sized vehicles. There we stood, grumbling tummies, big foam mattress, steamy pavement and all, thinking, "Now what?"

But I saved the day (or I like to think I did). "There it is," I said. "You just didn't see it because it's just little, like me!"

 Oh, and here's big Bobby, otherwise known as KITTY!


  1. I can relate completely! I am tiny, as you well know, almost a foot shorter than my Mr. He calls me "Doll Baby". It's only by haute couture standards that I am "too big for fashion". I'll show them (and, I suspect, so will you!)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Yup. It was a photo of you and Mr. Spash that inspired this post. Ironically, you and I are both too small and too big for fashion: too short, not thin enough. So silly! Short is cute! And curvy is sexy.

  2. I'm not short, not small...just sort of average, which is not "in." The middle ground has really become unpopular. You have such a good perspective on size. I really like what being a boo implies, mostly that you are loved.