Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Blahs

Mostly, Christmas is an extremely "bah humbug" experience for me. Anyone estranged from family must feel this way. If I could ignore the whole day, I would, but it inflicts itself on one for at least two months before its arrival and cannot be ignored. So I donned some berry red for the day, and did my best. The look on my face reveals my lack of total success.

Every December, I reread Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It's by far my favourite part of the season and I start looking forward to it by mid-November.

And P.G. Wodehouse always makes any day or night better. For me, certain books and authors are like comfort food and Dickens and Wodehouse are way up on my list of comfort reads.

Pressies under the Tiffany tree! Beau loving his deluxe teapot. Heaven in an upstairs window.

Does Beau know me well or what? The 1920s book is a sticker book! Bizarre.

 We went for a walk. That helped, despite the back pain.

This house just seems made for the day, does it not?

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