Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ageless Beauty: a mother and daughter who do not age

I was in my favourite cafe about a month ago when I noticed a very pretty young woman with fantastic style.

She had amazing hair, and a really cute outfit.

She'd paired various, airy, textured greys and blues...

... with an impish green hat.

"But of course she looks great," I thought. "She can't be more than twenty-five. It's easy for youth to look that good."

I was wrong about her though.

I began chatting with her and learned that she is ... 52! She has a son in college.

That beautiful woman on her left? That's her mother. It was her birthday  -- her 74th birthday, to be exact! Clearly, these women don't age.

That's proud father and husband in the middle there.

And that's my whole story... about the ageless beauty of two women I met in a little cafe.


  1. Charlotte! I hope you asked them to tell you all the secrets of their amazing beauty and youth! :) They both are lovely, not only beautiful. I am in awe. :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. I think genetics are the main "secret" these two share, though they both also look very healthy like they eat well and such.