Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fabulous in Faux Fur

Coat, brooch, and clutch: vintage; Cowl neck sweater: Reitmans; Gold earrings: Jessica; Hat: from Barefoot Contessa; Rings: I can't remember which ones I was wearing and I can't see them well enough to tell
These photos are from a few months ago but I had to post them because, well, just look at that faux fur coat!

I got it a little over ten years ago when I was enduring a year of Toronto weather in order to get the best English M.A. Canada has to offer. I'd lived in Toronto before and was not fond of it, for many reasons, but mostly because of the weather.

Boots: Ecco
It became clear very quickly that my west coast winter coat would not cut it, so I bought this for about $25 at a thrift store. As a graduate student, I found that quite the expense.

If I wore the coat over my other winter coat, I was almost warm enough.


And, let's face it, anyone wearing this faux fur number, which I think is from the early 60s, is going to look fabulous.

It was also the inaugural run of these boots, which I still love.

With this hat, I thought I looked a little like I was from the 30s. A 30s gal, rummaging through her clutch... Doesn't that have a poetic lilt to it?

You can tell from Beau's jacket, that it was really not cold enough for this coat. Plus, we were only going for salmon burgers and fries with his boys. But any occasion will do for a lovely outfit. Who cares if others think I'm overdressed? It's my body and I'll adorn it how I want to!

Friends often say to me that they like the way I dress and would love to dress up more themselves, but but would never have anywhere to wear nice clothes. Poppycock! Wear what you want, when you want. Who's it hurting?

And is that a light saber Beau's holding or is he just happy to see me? We've no idea how this light effect was created but it makes me laugh.

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