Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving: A Study in Orange

This post isn't really about my outfit so much as it's about the colours of a season.

Sandals: Wonders; Pants: Reitman's; Top: found in the garbage; Earrings, pendant, gold chain, sparkly ring, bracelet, and sunglasses: vintage; Engagement ring: Britton Diamonds
The outfit itself is not wildly inspiring or interesting, but the pumpkin is.

So is autumn in general, with all its autumnal glory.

I think I'm noticing it even more this year because of this pendant. I got it in a grab bag from Value Village and knew only that it was a broken bit of jewelry, and that it was beautiful. So I wove it into a gold chain I already owned and wear it on days when I'm feeling particularly fond of autumn.

The pendant, or whatever it is, is obviously all about the autumn leaves ...

... which are in abundance here these days ...

... in all their different shades. 

We don't actually get many red leaves here in Autumn ...

... and most of what we do get isn't indigenous but was instead planted by those missing the more spectacular autumn leaves back east. 

I found this parure on ebay, here
Perhaps that's why I so love my pendant. It's more in keeping the colours of autumn here than elsewhere.

I did a little research and learned that my pendant was once one earring in a beautiful, thermoset parure by Lisner, all in the muted browns of a less flamboyant autumn. Isn't it beautiful? It's also really expensive so, for now, I'll make do with my pendant.

It inspired my whole outfit, really, while the pumpkin inspired the other photos I took for this post. 

We grew it completely by accident. Our neighbours' pumpkin vine crept into our yard and had grown about seven feet against a far fence before we noticed it. We got this orange orb from it and then had to chop it down as it was toppling down on itself and strangling our flowers.

Its orange really affected what I photographed on my outing that day.

Oranges and browns are definitely good colours on me. Check out this study in orange textures: bracelet, stucco wall, and summer freckles, in perfect harmony.

And here are some more leaves because, really, this season is mostly about the leaves, isn't it? And the light, but I'll get to that later.

I got this cane because it matches my hair (and, of course, I need canes) but it also matches autumn ...

... and autumn leaves. 

Until my mind was on orange, I'd never really noticed how homey this cafe is.

It's flanked on the left by huge trees which make its patio blessedly cool in the summer ...

... and on the right by this green grocers. Doesn't this look good in this light?

For those who live a bit north, autumn light is almost magical in its beauty.

This is our kitchen, which we are slowly transforming into 50s kitsch.
Its magic seems to kiss everything with beauty and an almost other-worldy quality.

Look how it's hard to see where this mural ends and the real world begins. Are those shadows from trees or painted there?

They're from trees, in fact, but who can tell?

And doesn't that young woman's shadow look like a little elf in the pumpkin patch?

Nature, human creations, and humans themselves all seemed to blend well together ... 

... with oranges and yellows ... 

... and yellows and pinks ...

... and pinks and oranges.

I love how this guy's pants and hair perfectly harmonize with the day and the poutine shop behind him. 

After all, humans are part of nature just as much as any other animal is, though we often forget it. We're a part of nature so why not let it inspire us ... 

... in art ...

... in decor ...

Okay, mostly I just wanted another excuse to show my kitties, but Milo is orange so he had to be in this post.
... in love ...

... and in our outfits.

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  1. You're right, those are definitely your colours. What a gem to find in a grab bag. I love all your autumnal gems. And also the lovely bronze tones of your cane. And I am enchanted by the elf in the pumpkin patch! Xo JJ

  2. What a lovely poetic post.


  3. Oh yes. You really do look great in autumn colors. My favorite season! Wonderful necklace. It looks so pretty on you. And I love spotting gingers this time of year. They look so great with the landscape ;-)

  4. You look great in those colors, esp. with the freckles! I love autumn too, we've been having more reds than usual this year too! :)

  5. HI I am due to visit your site. I have a chronic pain condition, called Ehlers0Danlos. I appreciate your lovely pictures as fall is my favorite season. You are certainly showing the oranges, browns, and lovely colors of fall. I really like the jewelry you got from Ebay!
    from the link up, jess xx
    Please stop by,

  6. Your Autumn colours are beautiful. The tree with the red leaves is absolutely stunning, I can see that you're inspired by nature!