Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dress Clips and a Poodle Cut

My dress clips finally had their inaugural run today. I'm not sure they really work with this man-tailored vest but I just couldn't wait any longer to wear them.
As you can see in the other photos, these don't look so yellow when worn. This does, though, show you why real diamonds, which never age, are superior to rhinestones.

I found them months ago and hadn't yet found the right way to wear them.

Ideally, I'd be wearing them with a black, satin, bias cut, 1930s gown.
Jean Harlow

See? She's wearing dress clips.
Jacket, t-shirt, sunglasses, bracelet, and vest: thrift; Slacks: Reitmans; Shoes: Aldo; Left-hand ring: Birks; Right-hand ring: heirloom; Dress clips: vintage
But occasions to wear such dresses don't come along often, so, when I had to go downtown to get a haircut, I wore the clips with this outfit instead.

In my opinion, I should never go near a hair dryer but my hairdresser insists that this super curly look works for me. I think I look like a poodle.


What do you think?


  1. I love the clips but they're getting lost on your lapels so I think I agree with your assessment. I wonder if they would work better on a shirt collar or narrower lapels?

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. I'd like to wear them with a dress, or maybe on a 40s style blazer. Women used to wear just a single one at the V of a deep neckline, which I think is quite sexy. Even Jessica Fletcher and her pals wore them like that on Murder She Wrote! They can also be worn to alter the neckline of a shirt or dress.

  2. I love the beautiful dress clips! Perfect against the grey lapels. Poodle hair? Nooooo. That's rock chic hair - pick up your bass baby and thrum us some beats! xo