Thursday, April 4, 2013

Old friends: what they wore

You think I'm white? Wait till you see Dee! Skirt: Reitmans; Boots: Ecco; Shirt: Nick & Mo ; Cape: Cotton Candy ; Clutch: thrift
I've known Dee since I was fourteen and she was fifteen. We go way back, and let's just say that neither of us was a sedate, prim teen. We could both tell a LOT of stories about each other that we wouldn't much want our students to hear.

Dee came back to town from England to ship her stuff to her new home where she's met a fellow she's going to marry soon. Naturally, we planned to have dinner.

Shoes: Ecco; Glasses: Geek Eyewear; Shirt, jeans, and jacket: thrift
So Beau and I set off to meet her. We forgot that there was a hockey game that night. We'd planned to meets Dee at a sports bar. That was stupid. It's Canada, where hockey is religion. We went somewhere else to eat.

Isn't my Beau handsome? It might not seem like much to you, but wearing this much colour is a real stepping out for Beau so let us all praise him for his fashion chutzpah. 



Orange bangle: vintage; Gold cuff: retail (i.e. I forget); Ring on right hand: vintage; Left hand ring: Birks; Gold hoop earrings: vintage?
Bright colours for me are not such a departure from the usual, though Grown and Curvy Woman's even brighter colours were a bit of an inspiration for me here.

Sorry folks, I completely forgot to ask her where she got all her lovely clothes and accessories or what brands they were.
Dee told us all about her new life in England and all about her new man too. It's good to see her doing well. Neither she nor I has ever been married, so she's a new bride in her forties. Neither she nor I has followed the beaten path and I'm proud of that, not ashamed.

I held her paw while she got that anchor tattoo. I quickly realized that wearing a ring while holding the paw of a woman getting a tattoo is... ill-advised.

Dee has always carried herself with poise and has always had amazing fashion sense. More importantly, she's always had an amazing sense of style. Her flare with makeup is something I've given up on matching. She's also an incredible seamstress and can whip up an astounding outfit in an afternoon. She plans to sew her own wedding gown.

She's never shied away from vintage and thrift clothes. Indeed, she and I had no choice in our teens and twenties. If we'd been afraid of thrift, we would have had no clothes at all. Money was tight then. Maybe this is where she and I both got our life long love of "retro" styles.

Seriously, we go way back. I don't know what she was thinking, but I was thinking of this when we posed for these photos together.

Dee and I have very different colouring (other than the fact that we're both extremely white), and very different body types. Our personalities are pretty different too. So it makes sense that we dress quite differently. 

But we do have some things in common, like an attention to the small details, including the accessories. In fact, when she saw my clutch, she said she had the exact same one back home.

On this evening, she even wore flat shoes, as I now must do. We've certainly teetered around on heels together too, back in the day... the days... well, the nights mostly...

And does her brooch not bear an uncanny resemblance to a brooch I wore not long ago? Like, oh, say...

... this brooch?!? Astonishing, isn't it?

Sometimes it's the little details that are the most fun.

Don't you think?

Dee and I can both be, oh, how shall I say it?


And so we bid you good night... for now.


  1. How fun! And what a bright and beautiful outfit to match the occasion! :D How funny that your brooches practically match; almost to a T! Crazy! I love things like that among friends. :) Glad you had a fun evening.

  2. So glad you're on Bloglovin now!
    How wonderful to be able to visit with an old friend. I love your skirt and those chunky bangles! Nice to see you and your Mr looking so spiffy and obviously enjoying yourselves ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  3. You two look fabulous! Im so happy that I inspired you! Thank you for your support!

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I've always liked colour but, for some reason, I really thought of you with this bright outfit.