Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty and Comfortable: the holy grail of footwear

Sandals: Wonders
This post is really all about the sandals.

Skirt: thrift; Top: Reitmans; Ring: Effy; Purple bangle: vintage; Sparkly bracelet: Forever 21; Earrings: vintage
Sure, the outfit is pretty cute too. I got the skirt at the Salvation Army when it was still winter and had completely forgotten that I own it. The stripe in it goes well with the top, and it's lined so I needn't wear a slip, but it's airy and cool nonetheless. And, I know it's following the "rules" about how to flatter a curvy figure (read: conceal hips), but I really do like a knee length, a-line skirt. I just think they're pretty and modest, and evocative of the 1940s.

I should have ironed it but whatever. I don't iron, pretty much ever, if I can help it.

But it's mostly about the sandals. 
Weird physiotherapy injury on my right cheek: I let go of a stretchy, strength training cord, and the handle came flying back and hit me in the face.
Finding them was quite the slog. I wrote about that here.

First, it hurts like hell to go shopping, especially if I have to try things on, even worse if it involves bending down to my feet, and repeatedly standing and sitting.

I like these little chalk drawings children had drawn all over the sidewalk outside the legion hall.
Second, I have pretty specific needs for footwear. It has to be completely or almost completely flat. The sole has to be bendy. I need arch support. And I can't do up buckles if they're on the outside of the ankle (as I just can't twist like that without causing bad pain).

Third, I wanted them to be pretty. I can only take grandma fashion so far before even I balk.

I think I did well. They're clearly pretty, though they photograph more orange than they really are; imagine more of a coral shade. They have velcro clasps. And they're very comfortable.

This was their inaugural run and they hurt neither my feet nor my back.

They go well with spring and summer colours, I think...

... like the coral of my tank top...

Yes, I'm sunburned here. I freckle and I burn. I do not tan. I can burn in about ten minutes.
... the petal pink of my earrings...

... flowers...

... and sunshine in the leaves or dappling a yard.

And that's my story of my sandals, the first pair I've been able to wear comfortably since my injury.


  1. I love those sandals and coral is such a great color! I have to be quite choosy with footwear due to chronic foot pain at my heels, but these look very comfortable!

  2. I can relate, my friend. I love that you've found these because they are so stylish and lovely you'd never know they were anything but a strictly fashion influenced choice ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. I know! I tell you, though, to find such footwear -- good for my back and stylish -- I pay through the nose and I really can't afford it anymore.