Friday, July 12, 2013

Smug Bug: My New (Thrift) Sunglasses

Sunglasses: thrift: Top and shorts: Reitmans; Bracelet: Forever 21 (Valentine's Day gift from Beau); Shoes: Ecco; Sleeper earrings: some little store in some little mall
So I got these groovy, second hand, pink and green, iridescent sunglasses for only $10. Colour and iridescence? Like a bug. Shape and size? Like a bug's eyes.

I was feeling pretty smug.

The outfit was really just an excuse to take my new sunglasses for a walk. I thought the swirls in the shirt would pick up the green and pink in the glasses.

It was all about the sunglasses...

... the magnificence of which is not really captured in these photos. 

So let's look at the shoes too, shall we? It's so hard to find shoes that look decent and don't hurt my back. As is so often the case, my luck was with Ecco. I think the little wooden button on the side is cute. It's not a functional button. If it were, I couldn't use it. I need velcro on side clasps; otherwise the twisting to do up a buckle or button hurts my back too much.

Don't forget to get my shoes in the photo, Beau! I find people who aren't really into fashion always forget to include the shoes when taking photos. It's awful! I don't even have any photographic evidence of the fact that I once had -- and was able-bodied enough to wear and walk and dance in -- a favourite pair of black, four inch stiletto boots. Why? No-one who photographed me when I was wearing them grasped their importance.

On another note, I also recently got new shorts, three pair, in fact. These are my favourite. Beau's always telling me I have nice legs but I've been assuming that he's just blinded by love. Still, I'm pretty amazed to see how shapely and firm my legs still look when I wear shorts. Given my disability, I've been assuming they'd turned into shapeless, squishy posts. I seem to have been mistaken. 

Thank my mesomorphic paternal line, I guess. I mean, I do what I can to stay fit but what I can do is so very very limited, so I really think genes must play a role in my remaining relatively firm after five years of being really disabled.

But, really, this post is about the sunglasses. Beau didn't want to kiss me when I was wearing them. He said it felt like kissing a bug. Most excellent! That's pretty much just the look I was after.



  1. You look awesome. At first when I saw the photo in the Bloglovin' feed I thought is she laying down in those lovely green leaves??? Then I saw the post, well done. You scored a hit with the sunglasses, how can one not LOVE them. Rocked the look with the graphic top.

    Barbara @

    1. Gee, thanks! That's Morning Glory which has absolutely taken over this fence that borders a little valley right by my place. It's actually a terrible weed that can break right through house foundations, but it's so pretty and alive, isn't it? On the other side of the fence, blackberry bushes have taken over. The two together provide great shelter, safety, and food for birds and other wild critters.

  2. Yup ... you are probably much prettier than you think at all times! Great gams, shoes, shirt and glasses, but a wonderful girl sporting them.

  3. Super schöne Sonnenbrille, so eine habe ich auch und ich bin echt glücklich damit.

    1. This is my first comment in German! I can read a little bit of German because I studied Old English (aka Anglo Saxon) during my Masters degree, but I did have to put this into google translate to be sure I understood. Glad you like your sunglasses too.