Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Mystery of the Possibly-Hermes Bag: I Need Your Help

Skirt: Initiatives: Shoes: Ecco; Shirt: too old for me to remember but I got it at The Bay; Ring on left hand: Effy; Right hand ring, bag, earrings, and sunglasses: vintage
Purses are tough for me. If I hang them on one shoulder, I have to keep that shoulder ever so slightly raised and it causes me a great deal of back pain. Yet my vanity keeps me from wearing cross shoulder bags. Mostly, I've been carrying clutches.

But I've heard the cross shoulder bag is making a come-back, so I pulled out this old, vintage find, and went with it. It would still hurt my back to carry much in this, but I comfortably carry more in it than i can in a clutch.

Because of my disability, I have to rest at home a lot and I get nasty cabin fever sometimes. But my "upright" time (sitting, standing, walking, and any combination thereof) is limited so I try to make the time quality time.

On this day, I went to visit Beau's kitty, Milo, who was on his own for the weekend as Beau was out in the burbs for business. Milo time is quality time.

He looked so pretty in the light, and my ring went so well with his fur, that I tried to photograph him... repeatedly. But you try getting a happy, affectionate cat to sit still for a photo.

Go ahead. Give it your best shot. Good luck.

From there, I strolled to my local cafe to do some marking, enjoying the mild sun on the way.

I wore these vintage earrings, which were vintage when I bought them 25 years ago, to my high school graduation. I've only recently started wearing them again. The ring inspired me to notice browns and oranges in my jewelry collection, in cats...

... and in the wider world.

I also find that a really shiny ring, or two, or three, helps make marking less painful. No matter how bad the essay I'm marking, at least I have something nice to look at while I'm doing it.

Not that this batch of essays was a painful one to mark. I've lucked out with a really good class for one of my courses this semester. They're attentive, interested, and always well-prepared. They participate in class discussions and, even, wait for it... take notes!!!! 

If all my students were like this, I'd always love my job. Alas, they are not, but every class has at least one good one, and usually more.

But I'm really writing this post to ask you if you think this bag is a real Hermes or a knock-off. It's got to be from the late 70s or early 80s, and I can tell you it's very good quality, despite the broken clasp. Beyond that, I know nothing.

I got it at bag sale at a thrift store that raised money for battered women. I bought a plastic bag for $10 and could keep as much as I could stuff into it. That means this possibly-Hermes bag cost me about 25 cents. 

What do you think? Is it real? Help me out here.


And that's it. That's all. That's my story... so far... I need you to help me finish it.


  1. Does it have any Hermes marking inside? How's the quality of the lining?

  2. I'm going to check on that but I think the lining may have been replaced. Would the markings be on the lining or the leather itself?

  3. You look fab in orange my dear! You should snatch up all those tangerine tango items left over from last year when it was Pantone's color of the year.

    I agree with Becky, we need more pictures of the bag inside and out to determine it's authenticity.