Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Fabulous Adventures of Bear and Beau

This is Jean Bear. I admit that I'm quite attached to him, despite the fact that I'm an adult. 

I could say it's because, if I hold him when I sleep on my side, he keeps my spine from twisting and hurting my back. I could say that those with PTSD from childhood trauma are supposed to "reparent" themselves as adults and do childlike things like have teddy bears. I could say that he's a perfect book rest when I read in bed at night. All these things are true.

But mostly I just like my Jean Bear just because I like him. He's snuggly and cute. I like Bear.

So does my partner Beau. Soon after we got together, he created a voice for Bear and would make Bear have conversations with us. In fact, sometimes, I hear Beau and Bear having an earnest conversation together -- when I'm not even in the room.

Beau so likes Bear that I searched and searched...

... and found Bear's cousin, Bo (not to be confused with Beau), just for Beau. I let Bear and Bo get to know each other for a bit before I let Beau in on the secret.

They met on Christmas day and became fast friends.

Soon, Bo met Lamby, Beau's younger son's best buddy. The first day his son met Bo, he set him up with Lamby before he went to school so they could get to know each other while he was away. I think they look like Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

It was somewhere around this time that I began to find Jean Bear doing curious things around my home. Here, he's reading an Agatha Christie mystery. 

He was on the same page all day, but that's okay. Bear reads slowly, or so Beau tells me.

Soon after I went to Pride in this top, I found Bear getting in the spirit of Pride too.

You see, Beau decided that Bear needed some adventures, and he's been having them ever since. Curiously, it seems to happen whenever Beau's around, but not when it's just me and Bear alone. 

Here, Bear is playing with a trivia game about ancient civilizations -- on the very top of my bookshelf that I can't reach... but Beau can. Hmmm...

Bear is a prince for a day.

Beau informed me that Bear wanted to know what it's like to be me, with a back injury, so he got to spend some time using my knee pillow and divan. He wore my glasses too.

Because of my disability, I have a cleaning lady (who is also a friend and neighbour). She seems to be getting in on helping Bear have adventures too. Recently, after she'd cleaned my place, I found him like this, with the remote control.

Now that Beau lives in town, Bear's been taking little trips to visit his cousin Bo...

... and Lamby. Here, Bear, Lamby, and Mole are having a little confab on Beau's son's bed.

Bear seems to be getting more and more adventurous and more and more flamboyant as time goes on. After this adventure with the contents of my vanity table, he told me (voiced by Beau) that he likes wearing bling. It's fun, he says.

These are just a sampling of Bear's adventures. I'm pretty sure he's now unstoppable and I'm guessing that  this is merely the first installment in the fabulous ongoing adventures of Beau and Bear, best friend's forever.


  1. Has Bear been to your lovely park yet? Perhaps that is the next adventure....

  2. Aw! I have a Winnie the Pooh my mom got me when I was a teen. I was never much for stuffed animals as a kid but I grew really attached to him for some strange reason. I slept with him on my chest for years. He's now in my son's room but mostly as decoration. I don't think I could bring myself to let him play with him and slobber all over him!

    1. I wasn't into bears until my late teens either! Isn't that odd? I have to stop myself from minding when Beau lets his son play with Bo. Doesn't everyone know that bears are for adults? : )