Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Charlotte Issyvoo: Mid-70s, Funky, Cool Guy

Boots: Ecco; Cords: Reitmans; Cape: London Fog; Hat: Goodrin Brother; Clutch: thrift
The minute I tried on these corduroy trousers, I knew they had to go with these boots. I knew just the look I would go for too: mid-70s, funky, cool guy... girl... whatever.

... like Hyde from That 70s Show. After surgery, years ago, I was rather stupid from the drugs, and I suddenly got into this show. So I knew exactly the boots he had, the tan cords he wore them with, and the way he crossed his ankle over his knee when he wore them...

... just like this, see?

Such boots were all the rage in the 70s. Even Donna had them, and didn't they make her look cool?

Many of my generation lament the loss of that unisex decade, when boys and girls dressed alike, as did men and women.They even wore their hair the same way much of the time.

I just had to run with it.

Shirt: Reitmans
The next step was to find the right, wonderfully horrible polyester shirt. No problem! Brown flowers on a black background? Done.

Add a vaguely phallic pendant, and Bob and I are soul brothers... sisters... whatever.

Sparkly, gold-coloured barrettes: Stylize
Hair? Well, I've been using a new (to me) curl cream from Bumble and Bumble and I'm still getting the knack of it. This day, it was a little too effective, unless I really wanted to have Bob's hair. So I clipped back the very top bits and, voila, Jackie and I had a little something in common too.

Of course, it's always better to go to authentic sources for one's fashion history. After all, That 70s Show was merely set in the 70s. It wasn't actually made in the 70s.

So to All in the Family and Gloria Stivic, that authentic 70s, fashion-forward, girlie girl. Yup, that's the right hair style. Yay me.

Note too her orange, cowl necked sweater.

Brooch: vintage
You really couldn't go wrong with orange in the 70s, especially when you paired it with brown (like this cape), gold (the brooch), or tan (my trousers). My old high school teacher, who has a great sense of style and will probably show up in this blog some day, loathes all 70s fashion, which she refuses to call 'fashion' at all. She particularly loathes brown and orange together, saying the combination should only ever appear in tartans.

Sorry, teach. I had to do it!

Pendant: vintage; Gold hoop earrings: Jessica
One could almost have an acid trip looking at this pendant, so that's in keeping with the decade too.

Ring: vintage
I admit that this ring isn't period specific but I just got it and I love it and it's orange and brown and tan and gold... so I wore it anyway.


Here are all the colours yet again. I call this my Archie Bunker hat and have done for years...

... although I admit that my hat isn't a dead-on match for Archie's. Still, you must admit that his coat would go well with my hat.

There's that hairstyle on Gloria again too.

Ring: Birks; Bracelet: vintage; Feather brooch: a vintage gift from my friend Sal, who will show up in this blog soon
Add my Keith Richards ring (as one friend calls it), an Avon bracelet, and a gold feather which slightly pimps out my hat... and voila!

I'm a mid-70s, funky, cool guy... gal... whatever.

(A note about Wikipedia: I have provided links to Wikipedia here but will try my darndest not to do so for any topics of actual import or potential controversy. As a teacher, I never let my students use it as it can be changed by anyone in the public and that's a process I don't really trust, despite my left-leaning, egalitarian tendencies. Beau will disagree with me on this topic but I just couldn't use Wikipedia without explaining my views.)

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