Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fedora and Lizard

I've been wanting to post this photo for a while but it hasn't quite fit in any of my posts. So I've decided to give this woman her own day, today. My back wasn't great that day, and I had to do some spine twisting to take this photo so it's not the best but I just had to try. I love the obvious sense of play this woman has in her dress. A pinstripe fedora with a rhinestone lizard, complimented by leopard print earrings? That's chutzpah! It's not really my style, but who cares? It's hers.

She was pleased that I wanted to take her photo and told me that she has a huge collection of hats. I wish I could have seen more of them.

The young man in the seat in front of her (who helped me with my bags) was both baffled and charmed by the whole interaction. To him, I'm sure we were both old ladies. The idea that old ladies could have fun with fashion was probably new to him, but it seemed to somehow brighten his day too.

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