Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cozy Colours

Just a quiet afternoon. First a sushi lunch with my hat off.

Hat: Goodrin Brothers
This hat is just so very Archie Bunker, is it not? But all the Italian men around here wear a little feather in their hats so I used the feather/leaf vintage brooch given to me by a friend.

Then on to the park where ducks swam and this old woman did Tai Chi under a moss-covered tree.

Flower ring and earrings: vintage; Brooch: vintage; Other ring: Birks; Sweater: JW & Co; Scarf: vintage gift; Coat: Reitmans.
Cozying up in the cold. I got the flower ring ages ago at a garage sale and was absolutely thrilled to find matching earrings at a thrift store a few months ago. Beau found the store and told me that I must see it. He was right.

Hat: Jaxon; Glasses: Geek Eyewear; Shoes: Ecco. Jeans and Coat: Vintage

 My sweet Beau, carrying my pack to spare me the back pain.

That's all moss in this tree. It's amazing.

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