Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hounds Tooth and Argyle: Library Style

I met this stylin' woman at the library last night, where a friend of mine was having the opening of his photo exhibit. I thought she looked so great, I'd make this little post just about her.

She told me that she's not photogenic and doesn't know how to pose for photos. Then she struck this perfect pose, like a runway model, or a vogueing drag queen. Not photogenic, indeed!

Everything she was wearing is thrift and she says she's had a lifelong passion for thrift shopping (a lifelong passion of mine too), cheap shopping, not high end, and is thinking of selling some of it on Etsy. We'd all probably be richer for it if she does.

When I spotted the argyle under her jacket, I asked to photograph it too. "Oh, it's really just my nightie," she said. "I just threw some things over it because I was in a hurry." Who can dress up a nightgown like this???

So far, I've only been met with happy and sometimes surprised smiles when I've asked to photograph women for my blog. I hope this continues.

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