Monday, September 2, 2013

Faerie Garden: the Block that Helped Me Walk

Shoes: Ecco; Dress: I long ago cut out the tag, so I don't know; Bracelet, clutch, small diamond ring, and locket: vintage; Gold band: bespoke; Wave ring: Effy; Earrings: made by a friend; Headband: Stylize; Rosebud earring: boutique
Summer's about to draw to a close, so I thought I'd wear this very summery dress before I lost my chance. 

It also juxtaposes nicely with the really tough, black and blue outfit I wore in my last post.

This block is just around the corner from where I live but, after my back got bad, it took me about a year to be able to get to it. My incentive for trying when it was so difficult was the beauty of the street, all gardened by the residents. I would hobble along with my cane, very very slowly and in great pain, doing my best.

The people in this house said I could sit on their steps any time I needed a rest and I often took them up on it, whether they were there or not. Their cat, Stella, would join me.

I'm not sure why, but this little dead-end street, with houses on one side, and a little valley for the railroad on the other, always seemed kind of magical to me...

... like the kind of place where I might find faeries if I looked hard enough or lingered long enough.

I needed that sense of magic in those first few years of my infirmity.

I still do.

Lucky for me, I can still find it here.

I felt that my outfit and jewelry kind of matched the wistful, magical quality of the block. 

In my greens and purples and pinks, I felt that I kind of blended in with the foliage...

... the colours of which matched my own.

And the berries of which gave me a nice little snack.

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  1. Do you make your jewelry, or just have sublime taste?....always such beautiful pieces...I'm sure you may have mentioned before...:)

    1. Why thank you! I'm not at all crafty so, no, I don't make them. I guess that means I just have sublime taste. What a nice compliment. I was very excited about the little rosebud earring because it perfectly matches a bracelet my great-grandmother gave me when I was tiny. You can see it here:

  2. What lovely pictures. I feel like I am walking with you and we are sharing a wonderful secret. The cottage is charming, is that Stella in the picture? Great post! You look festive in your floral pieces. A last bit of summer.

    Barbara @

    1. I love the way you responded. That's how I feel when I read the Narnia books. No, alas, that's not Stella. I fear she has passed. It is, however, a sweet kitty who lives in my apartment building that is absolutely full of cat ladies (and men) because it's one of the few rental buildings that allows cats. My landlord and lady are the worst of all, having created a shelter for the stray cats, and kicking homeless humans out of it, saying, "That's for the homeless cats, not you!"

  3. Looking at those photos it was like entering into a fairytale. The lovely charming cottage painted so beautifully in yellow and white. Everything looks so peaceful, dreamlike.
    Your dress is so pretty and you wearing it beautifully. Lovely jewelry too.

    PS I found you through the Visible Monday link-up at Patti's.

    Have a lovely day

  4. I loved this post :)
    And you look so pretty in your dress too.

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