Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beau and Bear: Part Two

Beau and Bear have been getting up to quite a lot since last time you saw them.

Beau swears that all the shenanigans are Bear's idea, but I'm not buying it.

The two of them growing very close, thick as thieves, in fact. 

I'm pretty sure Beau's soft spot for Bear leads him to come up with great ideas that he just says were Bear's idea.

I can never be sure with those two. 

But I'm happy they found each other. It's a beautiful friendship.

Now, I'll admit that I don't always approve of the things I find Bear doing. I sometimes wonder if Beau is a bad influence on him.

Let's take a closer look at Bear's reading choice here, shall we?

"He's getting interested in fashion," Beau tells me. Fashion, eh? Sure, that's it: fashion.

Bear's adventures are sometimes downright nerve-wracking for me. Beau swore that Bear wanted to know what it's like to be a cat and that's why I found him in the cat carrier on top of the dryer, but it left me a little uneasy. 

After all, Bear was too high up for me to rescue him if he got nervous. That's what comes of having a tall friend like Beau.

Sometimes Beau even gives Bear quite grown-up responsibilities that I'm just not sure he's ready for. Like here, he's protecting Milo the cat from Mimi the psychotic neighbourhood kitty who likes to come and terrorize us all by banging feet first into this door at about 10:00 every night.

But Bear seemed to like this job and he took it very seriously. It seemed to make him feel important and special -- needed, if you will.

I suppose Beau knows what he's doing. Bear seems awfully fond of him, and none the worse for all his adventures.

And it is true that some of Bear's adventures are of educational value... if you call watching kitten videos on YouTube educational.

And he does often seem to do things that I'm fond of doing, liking yacking forever on the phone, and reading Agatha Christie.

But, like Beau, he's a little ... sillier and more adventurous than I am.

So of course he had to come with us when we stayed in a mountain resort hotel. We didn't actually bring him up on the gondola with us, but we probably should have. He probably would have had a better time than I did. And he might have cuddled me while I strove not to have a panic attack in that swinging swaying fear machine dangling in the middle of the sky.

For such a small Bear, he seems to be very brave and calm.


Bear's not mad about not having a gondola ride. He's just happy that Beau is his fast friend. They've been talking about taking a trip downtown together. 

I'll keep you posted.

(Bear really wanted to get in on the action over at Not Dead Yet's Visible Mondays. I explained to him that Visible Mondays is not meant for bears, but he insisted and explained that he's a stylin' bear. Who am I to object?)


  1. Awww. Good to know I'm not the only adult who understand the secret life of Teds. The beary kind, not just tech-weekenders.